A Chemical Reaction, the film.

posted Nov 10, 2009, 6:06 PM by Urban Oasis   [ updated Nov 10, 2009, 6:19 PM ]
A Cup of Green Presents

Urban Oasis Project members attended the premiere of A Chemical Reaction , a film about the dangers of chemical lawn maintenance, on November 6th, on Miami Beach.
Organic cuisine was served, and filmmakers Brett Plymale and Paul Tukey were there, and they share our vision of no chemical pesticides in home lawns. Paul Tukey commented,
"You should be be really concerned about lawn chemicals here in South Florida, where the water table is just a few feet below the surface. You put it on the lawn today, and you
drink it tomorrow." 

In Hudson, Quebec, a town ordinance banning lawn chemicals was passed. Chemlawn sued them in Canada's Supreme Court, and the townspeople won!
Since then, many others have followed. See what a small group of committed citizens can do: movie trailer and official website here.