Sept 26: Garden # 3 of 10/10 Campaign finished!

posted Sep 29, 2009, 8:57 AM by Urban Oasis   [ updated Oct 19, 2009, 5:09 PM ]

Garden # 3

This garden was made for a single mom with 5 young children. On of the kids has cerebral palsy. She is bravely leading her family as she gets up for work as a bank teller every day, gets 5 kids ready for school, works all day and comes home to help 5 kids with homework, makes dinner for everyone, keeps the clothes washed and the house clean, and then has to bathe some of them, take care of special needs, and then finally get herself ready for another day of the same. She makes just a little too much money for government assistance, but comes up short with an $1100 rent bill every month. We hope her garden will help with some of the food bill, and get the kids excited about gardening for life. These children were thrilled to get a garden, and helped us make it while Mom was still at work. If you would like to offer any special help for this proud family, their greatest need is food at the moment. Real food, not artificial food-like substances sold in the local convenience stores in this urban food desert. Maybe you would like to donate your CSA share if you go away for a week, or share some of your own garden's produce, or fruit from your trees. Maybe you will do a little extra holiday baking, and we'll take her one of those special pies your grandmother taught you to make.  E-mail us if you want to help this valiant young woman and her kids.

Update: We visited Garden #2, the plants are up and it is doing great! The kids, without Mom telling them, water the plants every day. They are so excited to see their garden grow. We planted a longan tree for them as well, and the kids are taking good care of it. These kids will know where their food comes from and be empowered to grow fresh, nutritious vegetables and fruit in a food desert where junk food is often the only "food" found for purchase. We were so proud to see these kids take charge of their garden on their own. What a great family activity!